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Filling in the negative space

Updated: May 21, 2021

Without focusing on the negative space, how many connections are we not making?

Working onto blown-glass forms with pens Stephen Hurrel, Ben Hanson, Christa Brown and Kalila Cook are exploring how networks form and considering the space around the network.

About the collaborators

Stephen Hurrel is an artist, filmmaker and creative director of Hurrel Visual Arts. He unearths narratives and materials from specific environments to create new perspectives and artworks. He makes connections between things — in particular between art, nature, science and technology — and through this approach he produces innovative artworks in sculpture, photography, video, light and digital media.

Benjamin Hanson is a postdoctoral researcher within the School of Physics of Astronomy. With PhD students Kalila Cook and Christa Brown, he is part of the Dougan research group which focuses on the study of hierarchical biomechanics with a specific focus on the rational design of protein-based hydrogels. Hydrogels are novel materials formed when polymeric building blocks link together whilst immersed in water.

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