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The Projects

Our projects are embracing creativity to explore research in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Our aim is to make new connections, open dialogue and facilitate wider engagement with current research. Our hope is to create an inclusive and diverse environment for STEM research and to inspire young people and families to explore innovation in STEM research.

Bragg Creative Labs
STEM Creativity 
Engineering Maker Kits

Our Audience

Our Families

Embrace creativity and explore creative thinking in materials innovation.

Our Researchers

Engage with the public as an on-going part of their research practise.

Our Culture

Celebrates creativity and welcomes everyone to innovate future materials.

Our Outcomes

We are developing engineering public engagement activities for young people and their families which embrace creative thinking in materials design. 

We are helping our engineers to become more creative in their practise and engage the people who will use their materials of the future.

We are building relationships to make sure that we're always creatively engaging with our local community.

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